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As we move towards a digital future, I want to ensure that no one is left behind. Only if we involve as many different social groups as possible in the development of artificial intelligence and algorithms will the digital world become fairer.


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31.January 2023

Everything you need to know about the new rules for political advertising

The regulatory gap we are facing in political advertising threatens the integrity of elections through voter manipulation, non-transparent campaigns and the spread of disinformation.

24.April 2022

The DSA deal: A gamechanger for our lives, society and the internet

The Digital Services Act will become the new digital constitution for Europe.

25.March 2022

DMA: Fairness and democratic rules for the European digital market

After about eight hours of negotiations, at the last trilogue the Commission, Parliament and Council agreed on regulations to boost competition and ensure that European companies can get a look in again. The most important goal has also been achieved.

18.January 2022

How will the DSA change the world?

The Digital Services Act will become the new digital constitution for Europe.

14.December 2021

Digital Services Act: Greens/EFA successes

On 14 December 2021, the Internal Market and Consumer Protection (IMCO) Committee of the European Parliament adopted its report on the Digital Services Act. It is a crucial piece of legislation for the digital world which could set a gold standard for content regulation globally. The following provides an overview of the provisions successfully pushed […]

2.December 2021

Disproportionate surveillance in the refugee camps – My Open Letter to the EU Commission

The inhumane conditions in the camps for refugees on the Greek islands have horrified us all, but so have the methods used to monitor the inhabitants. In the camps, the surveillance system CENTAUR is deployed, which monitors the residents around the clock with cameras, drones, X-ray scanners, electronic exit controls and loudspeakers. It is financed […]

25.November 2021

My assessment of the Council’s position on the DSA

We urgently need strict rules concerning the transparency of large platforms in Europe.

30.April 2021

“Open Letter” to the Commission – No AI for Gender Recognition in the EU!

In an “Open Letter” to the EU Commission, I call for a red line to be drawn opposing all systems that involve the recognition of gender, sexual orientation or characteristics such as ethnicity, state of health or disability.


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