On the following page you will find all the meetings that I or my team have organised with lobbyists so far:

Date Title Partners
2021-05-13 Italian national recovery plan European Greens,  FacciamoECO,  Verdi-Europa Verde,  Legambiente,  Coord.Free,  Alleanza Mobilità Dolce,  Greenpeace,  Green Italia,  Motus-E,  Transport&Environment,  Kyoto Club,  Donne per la Salvezza,  Forum Disuguaglianze e Diversità,  Volt Italia,  Ecco - Indipendent Energy and Climate Change Think Tank,  Fridays for Future Italia,  Italia in Comune,  Stato dei Luoghi,  Visionary Days,  EUmans
2021-05-11 Digital Services Act Twitter
2021-05-11 Digital Services Act : ad tech and money laundering Dr. Fou,  Paul May
2021-05-11 Event „Das Milliardengeschäft mit unseren Daten: Wege aus der Cookie-Falle?“ Frederike Kaltheuner,  Global Citizen Foundation,  Richard Gutjahr
2021-05-11 Mozilla Mornings: Audits and the Digital Services Act Mozilla,  Ben Wagner,  Deborah Radji
2021-05-10 Digital Services Act Gesellschaft für Freiheitsrechte
2021-05-10 Digital Services Act Bitkom
2021-05-10 Digital Services Act eco
2021-05-06 Digital Services Act Amnesty International
2021-05-05 Digital Services Act Facebook