As a Member of the European Parliament I receive €10.075,18 per month, of which I have €7.853,89 left after deduction of EU community tax and accident insurance (status: 1.7.2023). The salary is then of course also subject to German national taxes.

In addition I receive €323 per day I work in the European parliament. This is to cover additional costs for board and lodging. These daily allowances and salary are the same for all Members.


Political funds

For political activities and public relations we members of parliament have about 40.000€ annually at our disposal. This enables us to finance events, seminars, conferences and publications. These funds are managed by the Group. This means that we have to apply for the desired amount in advance. If the money is not spent in full, it goes back to the Group.


Travel expenses

MEPs receive a travel budget of €4,530 per year for “unofficial trips”, i.e. trips that are not organised by the European Parliament and which do not take place in my constituency.

I can be reimbursed for these expenses if I can prove that a trip was taken in connection with my activity as a Member of Parliament.

In addition, German Members of Parliament receive a BahnCard 100, 1st class, from the Bundestag, and a ticket for the Belgian rail.

Office costs

We receive €4,563 per month to cover our office costs. From this amount I pay the rental costs and telephone and internet costs for the regional offices. But also all other costs for my offices, i.e. file folders, pens, staplers and everything else we need for the completion of our work.


This office expense allowance is on a separate account to ensure that the money is strictly separated from my salary.


I will soon provide a monthly overview of these expenses here.