Digital technologies enable us to communicate, travel, work, learn, study and socialize better – across national borders. According to the principles of the Internet, digital networking ensures more participation, more involvement, more knowledge for all and thus puts our democracy on a broader basis.

But in recent years, digital technologies have been used to concentrate power and wealth in a few hands. Google, Facebook and Co. control ever larger parts of the economy and the shaping of political opinions in Western countries. In China, digitization is being used to totally control society, so that any dissent can be nipped in the bud.

More than ever, we need freedom and justice. I am fighting for a solidary, green and feminist digitalization – for everyone.

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21.January 2021

The DSA: Part #05 – Social Media Councils: Power to the people!

Who actually decides which people can publish their opinions on social networks? Neither companies nor governments can be entrusted with these difficult considerations. It is up to civil society.

15.December 2020

Commission proposal for the Digital Services Act first step to stop manipulative business model

The EU Commission makes many good proposals in the DSA, but it is questionable whether they will solve the underlying problem.

14.December 2020

How Europe is reconquering the digital marketplace

With strong rules and transparent mechanisms, we can change the digital world for good and strengthen the fundamental rights of EU citizens.

30.October 2020

Event // Digital Platform: Digital Services Act (DSA) special

Save the date for this special event series on the upcoming Digital Services Act.

29.October 2020

The DSA: Part #04 Better connected through interoperability

This article is the fourth in a series on the law by which the European Union intends to establish new rules for the Internet, the “Digital Services Act” (DSA).

19.October 2020

The DSA: #03 Ad tech: how targeted advertising harms the internet, the free press and our democracy

This article is the third in a series on an upcoming EU legislative proposal, the Digital Services Act (DSA) that aims at defining new rules for the internet.

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