Alexandra Geese has been a Member of the European Parliament since 2019 and is responsible for the “Digital Services Act” on behalf of the Greens/EFA parliamentary group. She is a member of the Budget Committee, where she advocates for gender equality in budgeting, a member of the Internal Market and Consumer Protection Committee, and coordinator for the Greens parliamentary group in the Artificial Intelligence Special Committee (AIDA).


Alexandra Geese was born in Lippstadt in 1968 and grew up in Bonn, where she experienced the beginnings of the Greens, was active in the peace movement and anti-nuclear movement, and the Cairo Circle at her secondary school.

After finishing high school, she moved to Italy for 22 years, where she became a conference interpreter and studied political science alongside her work. She supported migrants, fought for women’s rights, and founded initiatives for childcare and women’s networking. Following her return to Germany, she joined Bündnis 90/Die Grünen in 2010, became spokeswoman of Bonn district association, and was elected to the European Parliament in 2019.

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