Ever since, at the age of seven, I wrote a letter to the German Chancellor saying that I thought animal experiments were unfair – and got an answer – I have been fascinated by politics. I am a passionate advocate of the issues close to me heart, in particular digitalisation and justice.


I was born in Lippstadt in 1968 and grew up in Bonn. There I witnessed the beginnings of the Greens as a political movement and got involved with the peace movement, the anti-nuclear movement and the Kairo-Kreis (a voluntary group supporting children in Egypt) at my grammar school. After taking my Abitur I lived in Italy for 22 years and worked there as an interpreter. During this period, I launched childcare initiatives and networks for women, supported migrants, defended women’s rights and studied political science while working.

I am now back living in Bonn with my family and have three grown-up daughters. Prior to my election in May 2019, I worked as an interpreter in the European Parliament. I can therefore negotiate with many MEPs in their mother tongue. Face-to-face discussions have always been particularly important to me because they are the basis for trust and constructive cooperation – even in the digital age!


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