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“The news women’s movement for just economics”

IT-DE Webinar | 16.3.2021 um 21:00

Women are affected most by the Covid-19-Crisis. They took on the work of the childcare centres and schools – but are not paid for it. They work overtime in hospitals and care homes. They lose their jobs because of the economic crisis, which followed the pandemic swiftly. It hit the service industries where a disproportionate number of women work. But the recovery funds fail women. The European recovery fund NextGenerationEu holds 750 Billion Euros, 57% of which are invested in sectors with a female employment share of less than 20%. In Italy, the largest recipient country, 70% of the newly unemployed are women. Hundreds of billions of public funds are pumped into the economy, but they do not profit the newly unemployed. The result of the Corona-Crisis: Women earn less and work more.

Due to the campaign #HalfOfIt, which started in May 2020 and demanded half of the recovery fund must go to women, a new women’s movement initiated in Italy. It calls for representation and resources for women – to great public response. But despite the enormous response and much lip service paid by leading politicians, the ministerial posts in the new Draghi government that are crucial for the distribution of economic stimulus went exclusively to men. In Germany, no significant debate kicked off in response to Prof. Allmendinger’s warning against “retraditionalisation”.

How can we guarantee that women are equally represented and taken into consideration in the economy?

How can we show that the economy is not gender-neutral but is based on social roles and the gender-based division of labour and industries, which must be actively addressed in overcoming the crisis?

And how can we organise women in both countries and create a new European movement which understands the economy in a feminist way and feminism in an economical way?


We will discuss this with:


  • Linda Laura Sabbadini, Chair W20, Central Director of the Italian Statistical Institute ISTAT, activist of “Half of it – Donne per la salvezza”.
  • Jeannette Gusko, is the founding managing director of the world’s largest fundraising platform GoFundMe in the DACH region. 2012-2017 she led the German communications and campaigning as well as the global brand at the campaign platform Change.org. Since 2019, Jeannette has been the spokesperson for the network “3te Generation Ostdeutschland”.
  • Sarah Malnerich, Influencer, part of the Instagram duo “Mammadimerda” with 60,000 followers, activist of “Il giusto mezzo”.
  • Sonja Lehnert, blogger and co-founder of “Eltern rechnen ab”

The webinar will be held in Italian and German and will be simultaneously translate into German, Italian and English.

The interactive webinar format is designed to allow all participants to actively participate in the debate and shape the discussion with their own ideas and suggestions. Questions can be submitted both orally and in writing to the speakers.